FS Industrie launch


To launch Fontsmith's new type system, FS Industrie. Designed around five widths and seven weights, creating a total of 70 different variants.


A campaign as ambitious as the typeface. 1200 unique type specimens, each one personalised with laser cut covers and variable print throughout, together with a series of 10 limited edition letterpress prints.

The campaign was themed around "The Future of Work", and blended traditional with contemporary production techniques. Content was adapted from an online survey completed by over 400 creative professionals. A limited edition letterpress print was inserted into each cover, commissioned from 10 international studios and designers.

Supporting PR, social media and advertising extended the campaign's reach, and 100 exclusive copies were listed for sale on the Fontsmith website, two thirds of which sold on the day of release.

"This is a truly marvellous piece of design. You have worked very hard on a concept that wasn’t easy. This is what makes you guys as good as you are. Thank you."
Jason Smith, founder, Fontsmith.


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Digital development
  • Advertising