An interview with Blair

April 17 — 2019
Thoughts, Culture
The Design Kids Toronto had a chat with Blair.

Building and protecting food...

February 07 — 2019
News, Thoughts
An event hosted by IP law firm Abel + Imray, which included Tim Burley on the panel

On purpose (revisited)

February 19 — 2018
Where once we were led to believe that purpose-driven businesses outperformed their lacklustre cousins, now we're told it’s just another great...

On the ‘death’ of print

January 11 — 2017
For many years, print dominated the way that organisations communicated. Even after the arrival of radio and TV, the cost of accessing broadcast...

GAI Specification Guide

October 17 — 2016
News, Thoughts

Your name here

January 22 — 2016
Creating a name for your business, product or service, when done properly, requires plenty of hard work and inspiration. Thankfully great names are...

Be part of the process

November 27 — 2015
We all employ professionals to do the things that we can’t do ourselves. If we choose well, we can trust them and leave them to practice their...

Pictures of websites

July 29 — 2015
The traditional process of “designing” a website is flawed. But with a change to our way of thinking about the roles of 'designer' and 'developer'...

An intern abroad

June 20 — 2015
Applying for my placement here at Believe in, in a different country to my native Sweden, was a big step I’m very glad I took.


May 08 — 2015
Writing this article has made me even more aware of ‘simplicity’ and its importance on what we do — not just on the visual side of things, it...

On the value of design

January 02 — 2015
I spend a lot of time thinking about the value of design to brands and communications. How to plan for it, measure it and improve it. We work hard...

Becoming a designer

November 01 — 2014
This month saw the first anniversary of my arrival here at Believe In. Following an initial four-week internship I was offered a permanent place,...

On purpose

June 04 — 2013
Organisations with a clear sense of purpose (why they exist, beyond the need to make money) invariably have more interesting stories to share.

All the money you make...

May 24 — 2013
A couple of years ago, a design blog asked me 10 questions, one of which was "Which piece of advice has helped you most?"

In defence of the brave

April 16 — 2013
One statement at the heart of our strategy is "“We help brave clients enjoy greater success through meaningful design”.