Love Letter to Me

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A contribution to “Tribute to the Love Letter”, an exhibition in Arnhem, Holland. A hand cut QR code is displayed in the gallery space, inviting visitors to submit their message to the accompanying digital element.

Love Letter to Me Love Letter to Me Love Letter to Me

We created a crafted object that was suggestive of a sentimental gift, but that played on the idea of physical letters becoming rarer — a QR code that was cut by hand from 20 layers of board, and that linked to a digital experience. Here, viewers could interact with (and so become part of) the physical piece, by contributing to and collectively generating a love letter.

“The experience of participation is more important than the finished result. Some will embrace it, others will abuse it, but like love, we continue to offer it in hope, with no guarantee of reciprocity.”

Love Letter to Me Love Letter to Me