A creative studio united by our love of the designer’s craft, and the power of a simple story well told.

Believe in was founded in 1996 by creative director Blair Thomson. We design for brands, printed and digital communications, packaging and environments, and our work is built on the strongest principles.

Committed to:

  • Clarity through simplicity The refreshing art of conveying a simple message to a specific audience in an inspiring way. Fewer words, better chosen.
  • Meaningful creativity To build a strong brand, three things must be aligned – everything you think, everything you say and everything you do.
  • Overcoming indifference Creativity is the key differentiator, that can elevate you above the noise and tell your story in fresh and memorable ways.
  • Feelings over features In a world increasingly filled with information, the last thing people need is more of the same. What they need is a reason to believe in you.