Perspectives on what we do, and how we do it.


On purpose (Revisited)

(A follow up to an original article from 2013) The backlash against brand purpose is well and truly underway. A growing number of industry heavy hitters have taken aim at the idea of brands espousing a purpose over and above the need for profits or growth, including marketing’s most retweetable man, Dave Trott: “In marketing, … read more

On the ‘death’ of print

For many years, print dominated the way that organisations communicated. Even after the arrival of radio and TV, the cost of accessing broadcast technology meant that ink on paper did most of the heavy lifting. Then the Internet came along and spoiled the printer’s party. Print was declared dead, and everyone turned their attention to … read more

Your name here

Creating a name for your business, product or service, when done properly, requires plenty of hard work and inspiration. Thankfully great names are extremely valuable, so it’s worth all the effort that goes into its creation and subsequent protection. Even when you follow a defined and rigorous naming process driven by the brand strategy, there … read more

Be part of the process

We all employ professionals to do the things that we can’t do ourselves. If we choose well, we can trust them and leave them to practice their craft. So it’s rare that we’re invited to collaborate with a professional in order to get the best results. If my surgeon asked for my views on the … read more

Pictures of websites

The traditional process of “designing” a website is flawed. It always has been. But with a change to our way of thinking about the “designer” and “developer” roles, a smarter process has evolved. One that we’ve found works very well. Typically the traditional process would start with a designer using a supplied specification to produce … read more

An intern abroad

Applying for my placement here at Believe in, in a different country to my native Sweden, was a big step I’m very glad I took. During my two months here, I’ve been involved in several projects, big and small, and really feel that I’ve been given the chance to contribute. As a student, you’re not … read more


While writing this article I’ve become even more aware how frequently we use the word ‘simplicity’ and its importance in what we do — not just on the visual side of things, it underpins our entire approach. “Clarity through simplicity — The refreshing art of conveying a simple message to a specific audience in an … read more

On the value of design

I spend a lot of time thinking about the value of design to brands and communications. How to plan for it, measure it and improve it. We work hard to help our clients understand why great design is so important; not only tactically (creating better materials), but also strategically (standing for something meaningful and setting … read more

Becoming a designer

This month saw the first anniversary of my arrival here at Believe In. Following an initial four-week internship I was offered a permanent place, and so I wanted to reflect on my experiences of breaking into the industry I trained for. Interning at Believe In was my first experience of really being a designer. It … read more

On side projects

Back in 2011 I was asked if I’d give a short talk to a local developer group I’m part of. I decided to speak about something that has played an increasingly important role in my personal and professional development – side projects. The timing of the talk was good, as I was feeling inspired. I’d … read more

On purpose

Organisations with a clear sense of purpose (why they exist, beyond the need to make money) invariably have more interesting stories to share. Purpose has been a big part of what we do here for some time, it sits at the heart of ‘Meaningful Creativity’ and is a key reason behind our agency’s name. My … read more

All the money you make will never buy back your soul

A couple of years ago, a design blog asked me 10 questions, one of which was: ‘Which piece of advice has helped you most?’ After careful consideration, my response, whilst not prescribed directly to me, was a notable line from a Bob Dylan song: ‘All the money you make will never buy back your soul’. … read more

In defence of the brave

Our articles provide an opportunity for us to talk in a little more detail about some of the things that we as an agency believe in. For example, one of the statements at the heart of our strategy is this: “We help brave clients enjoy greater success through meaningful design” Plenty of material to work … read more